Creative Brain Week 2024

Grainne, I’m pasting the text from your Linkedin post here for now, along with the pics and radio interview file. To be decided how to present and title this, with regard to funders and partners.

This week I had the privilege of meeting Chris Bailey, World Health Organization Arts & Health lead, during one of his visits in Ireland as part of Creative Brain Week, including to a project by Music & Health Ireland. It was an enlightening experience to witness his genuine appreciation for the impact of our visit and that of the value of professional musicians trained to work in Nursing Homes.

Chris’s insights echoed my own sentiments as a musician working in these environments. The nuances of our training and the depth of our interactions with residents often go unnoticed to outsiders and funders. Yet, as Chris aptly highlighted, our role is far more than just entertainment—it’s about fostering connection and hope through music.

Meeting someone as influential as Chris, who not only sees but truly understands the importance of our work, was incredibly validating. His advocacy for recognising the significance of arts in health resonated deeply with me, reaffirming the value of what we do as musicians in healthcare.

It is a never-ending cycle of project pilots and piecemeal short-term funding for this work . Let’s keep advocating for the integration of arts into Healthcare Policy and through strategic and long-term funding.

Check out the radio interview below, in which Chris Bailey, Arts & Health Lead at WHO, spoke with Pat Kenny about the arts and health in clinical settings around Ireland.

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