Musical Memories​


This programme is aimed at connecting older people in our communities and professional musicians to share a person-centred cultural engagement in partnership with Nursing Homes and Community Hospitals around Ireland.

Visits are delivered by professionally trained healthcare musicians sensitive to the needs of residents and settings, with relevant clearances to work both at the setting and virtually with the support of technology in partnership with healthcare staff and activity coordinators.

With this initiative, ‘we may be physically distanced but we aim to be socially connected with Nursing Home residents and their carers’, to support the positive impact of social connections on everyone.’

This programme is a partnership between Music & Health Ireland, Waterford City and County Arts Office and local Healthcare Settings. Music & Health Ireland acts and the managing, supervisory and training partner supporting a team of local professional healthcare musicians.

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Musicians On Call

Musicians-On-Call is a project that connects professional musicians trained to work appropriately and sensitively in healthcare settings connecting music-making opportunities to residents, patients and healthcare staff in Nursing Homes and Community Hospitals.

In 2020 Limerick City and County Council Arts Office and Creative Ireland team partnered with Music & Health Ireland to enable creativity at the health of healthcare communities.

The Musicians-On-Call project supports a set of regular visits to Nursing Homes to connect with residents in a person-centred cultural activity. It aims to bring high-quality live music to vulnerable older members of our communities living in Nursing Homes and their Careers in a way that is more than an outside-in audio live broadcast and visually only accessible by a few that may be at windows.

The project supports the development of a regional team of professional musicians who have the skills to work appropriately and safely in Nursing Homes.

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Tea, Chats & Tunes

Tea, Chats and Tunes was a Covid responsive project conceived in 2021. It sought to find new ways of connecting some of the most vulnerable members in our communities isolated in nursing homes to their families.

In 2022, the project continued to evolve and grow from learning to be responsive to the needs of healthcare communities, their residents, staff and families.
The project proposed a number of activities in a flexible programme offering that is responsive to settings and participants by creating a shared opportunity to engage safely in a live bespoke cultural experience.

The project offers three main activities:

1. Virtual Visits (Nursing Homes) Rebuilding Relationships & Social Connectedness
Through the support of technology, a virtual facilitated Zoom event offers an opportunity for Nursing Homes to bring their residents together in a shared music-making session.
2. ‘Across the Miles’ Connecting Families Together Again
Families are offered the opportunity to connect with their loved ones in a meaningful way, regardless of location. Music, conversation, and memories are shared while offering an opportunity for new ones to be made.
3. Co-Curated Concerts by and with Residents for their families
This involves a period of longer engagement with a set of Nursing Homes and their residents. The aim is to grow relationships, gather stories and share memories to amplify residents’ voices outside of the care setting. Supported by the musicians, the visits would culminate in a virtual private concert for each setting.

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