Evaluations & Reports

Report: The Bare Necessities of Life

This report evaluates the impact of live music in a large children’s hospital in Ireland, as provided by Kids‟ Classics. Surveys and semi-structured interviews showed positive responses of hospitalised children. Parents reported increased well-being for their children and also for themselves, and similar patterns were found among hospital staff. Interactions with the musicians such as the child playing the instruments and hearing the music were important.

The results suggest that music can create a space for children in hospital to interact and ease their (and their parents) anxiety and stress, and that such music activities can support healthcare staff in their working environment by providing entertainment, relaxation and help bringing a level of normality and everyday life into the hospital wards.

Case study:
Training Notes – Music & Health Training in Ireland

Training Notes is a training initiative of Kids Classics, Ireland’s leading music in healthcare organisation. Kids Classics has developed a framework of bespoke training courses which includes introductory workshops, supervised apprenticeships and team mentoring.

Trainers Gráinne Hope and Liam Merriman are experienced professionals working in the field. They qualified together as a training team under the European Commission’s Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme devised and delivered by renowned European innovators, Musique et Sante.