Grainne Hope interviewed by Ryan Tubridy

In August 2021, cellist Gráinne Hope spoke to Ryan Tubridy about her initiative to take music off the concert stage and into the hearts of communities, to children’s hospitals and nursing homes all around the country. She detailed her great work bringing music to children in hospital by filling the corridors and wards with classical musicians. She joined Ryan on the line this morning to tell him how she’s kept ‘Kids Classics’ going in spite of Covid.

Grainne spoke about how children in treatment often miss a lot of events and activities and about how this music provides something special that’s especially for them. The musicians take requests and play classics like Frozen, Baby Shark or old favourites the parents might like
The music brings laughter into a setting and connects people back to who they are, where they’re at at that moment and simply brings back a bit of normality

During the pandemic, the musicians visited Laura Lynn and Crumlin Hospital but had to find new ways of working and connecting with people in a safe way with proper social distancing and lots of new skillsets were learned. Peering around windows, garden get togethers and virtual opportunities became the new norm.

One of their top fans Liam put it very well:

“It really does lift you on a down day!”

Listen to the full interview

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